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Some how you've found yourself at The Cool Club Think you're cool enough to join?
We're mean as hell too. We'll rip you apart, so hopefully you're not sensitive.

1.Only apply if you're seriously cool.
2.Don't apply if you're 13 or younger
3.Don't apply if you cannot spell or use correct grammar(aka. if you talk lyke dis word dawg.)
4.If you haven't been accepted to not post comments to other posts.
5.Don't give other memebers shit for saying no, we all have a reasons.
6.Follow the rules.
7.So we know you've read the rules put "We were super rad" in the subject box.
8.All applications must be under an lj-cut
9.You must have pictures.
10.Do not ask if you've been accepted we will stamp you.
11.If you don't get in, sorry, but leave.
12.Don't say thank you to every comment you get
13.Don't fucking argue either. When we say no we mean no.
-If you don't follow the rules than you're not getting in.


Your Mod: Elise a.k.a. fearthegoose










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